Canada Goes Green!!!

Economics 101 - Renewable Energy

The push to install renewables is expensive and a waste of resources!

Correlation between electricity pricing and renewables.

The MD of Willowdale is a typical municipal district in Canada populated by a cross section of Canadians. The majority of people live in town, but there are many rural residents.

It is a prosperous community thanks to a cheap and reliable source of electricity provided by a Natural Gas Combined Cycle (NGCC) power plant.

The power distribution system is simple and inexpensive to operate supporting low electricity prices.

Correlation between electricity pricing and renewables.

In 2018 the Canadian Government and an ill-informed public forced the MD of Willowdale to add Wind and Solar power generation.

The "New Energy System" is much more complex and costly, but total generation remains the same (3329 Gwh/yr).

New Energy System.

No change in output, but the economics are VERY different.

No Change in output.

The residents of the MD of Willowdale are now paying more for electricity as well as goods and services in the community. This is all so that a few people can feel good that they have cut Green House Gas Emissions by a very small and insignificant amount. To understand why cutting CO2 emissions does not benefit Canadians, check out

An Analogy to Renewable Energy.....

You already own a very nice car worth $20,000. It looks and runs great and has many years of life remaining. It meets your needs perfectly.

The government and some ill-informed neighbors tell you that you must buy a second car for $50,000.

Would you be happy about buying the second car?

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The costs shown are just a subset of the total economic impact. They have been abbreviated to simplify the explanation but are directionally correct. Source: Canadian Energy Research Institute